Supporting communities and workers by holding business accountable.

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We demand a due diligence law that:

  1. Makes companies respect human rights, the environment and the climate.
  2. Puts strict, no-nonsense obligations on companies to prevent and end harm.
  3. Holds parent companies responsible in court for harm that happens anywhere in their supply chain. No loopholes!
  4. Guarantees collective bargaining by trade unions and gives workers’ representatives a real say in due diligence, every step of the way.
  5. Tackles the climate crisis by making companies slash emissions throughout their value chains.
  6. Protects the planet by holding companies accountable for all possible harms to the environment.
  7. Applies due diligence requirements to all business relationships along their value chains.
  8. Empowers people harmed by bad business practices, trade unions, and civil society to get justice in EU courts.
  9. Consults everyone who is, or may be affected by business activities, and obtains consent when needed.
  10. Gives enforcement agencies the power to thoroughly investigate and sanction companies.
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A just world has no place for unjust business. People and the planet have paid the price of crooked corporations for too long. And quite frankly, we’re over it. Help us stand up for EU laws that protect human rights, the environment and the climate from corporate exploitation.

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Your voice is crucial in holding business accountable. Here’s how you can make justice everybody’s business.


From Belgium to Buliisa, companies have been devastating lives and local lands – and then shifting the blame. It’s time to put their crimes under the spotlight. Here are the stories companies don’t want you to hear.

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