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The European Union says it wants to protect human rights and lead the way to a sustainable future.

But after decades of European companies exploiting workers, destroying natural habitats, displacing communities from their homes, driving carbon emissions and chopping down trees for corporate profit  – and with corporate lobbyists working hard behind the scenes to make sure nothing changes – you’d forgive us for being sceptical.

People and the planet have paid the price of crooked corporations for too long. And quite frankly, we’re over it.

A fairer world is just around the corner: one where business respects the rights of workers and the lives and livelihoods of communities, elevates producers out of poverty and allows the planet to thrive. One where people around the world can get justice if they have been harmed by bad business.

With rules to hold businesses accountable, the products we need will no longer be tainted by suffering and destruction.

In early 2022, the EU proposed a law to turn corporate accountability into a reality. But this is just the first step to cleaning up supply chains built on exploitation.

We need your help now to stand up against corporate lobbyist attempts to water down the proposal.

We must defend rules that really make business more just. Rules that work for you, us, and the planet we depend on. Because Justice is Everybody’s Business.

About our coalition

We are a large number of civil society and trade union organisations from around Europe and beyond. We are launching the Justice is Everybody’s Business campaign because we believe people power is crucial for meaningful change.

In 2021, trade unions and NGOs mobilised hundreds of thousands of people to respond to the EU’s consultation on a draft corporate sustainability law. Now the proposal is out – but it’s riddled with loopholes. It’s time to raise our collective voices again and show that we won’t accept half measures when it comes to justice.

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